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When I started yoga, I used the mat on loan from the studio where I was going. It was convenient, no need to transport it. The concern was not super hygienic hand, and the idea of ​​sticking my head on the mat thinking he had already served before is still pretty disgusting. When I started to do more of yoga, I was offered a mat and bag to match. I can leave my mat at the studio, so no problem of transportation. As a bonus, I also have a light that I keep to do yoga at home, or when I go to other studios carpet. Here are questions to ask before choosing your yoga mat.

Gatorback Carpet

How to choose a good yoga mat?

Before buying your own carpet, I hint you check a few not to be unhappy (e).

As I discuss in my own article “How to Clean a Yoga Mat? ” The thickness of a carpet is a criterion (I think), very critical, even crucial!: O

And with the use them dearly daily yoga mat (like me ^^ And if you already do not, I genuinely recommend trying! Even for 15-20 mins or 5 small sun salutations), it is better to choose a good one that will surprise.
Typically prices can range from 15 € to 120 € (or more). For example, my very own cost me less than 20 €: comfort mat Chin Mudra ! And it’s still in good condition.

Other criteria to look at, as required , can be:  the subject,  attachment, size, absorption, density, composition in the carpet, the side slip … Although everything depends on you! And yes, yoga is a practice PER-SON-IT whilst your carpet is one of all of them.

Good questions

– What type of yoga do you practice?

– What are your habits? (an individual practice especially in the studio, at home if you do not move you drive and you must lug the carpet all day time, it might be better to look at a folding mat or?. but so a rolled thin enough to make it light!)

– What is your budget? (Whatever it is, do not forget about to watch all the traits to estimate VALUE Product Is that this carpet is worth its 50 € you to see, but from a price.? high often remains a mark of quality for case.  comparative this video  : 2 products that look identical and yet the quality in the long term and the smell of the carpet are very different)

– How often do you practice? Between practice 2-3 times a week for 1 hour and 2 hours of daily practice or more … There is a difference. You see what Come on , man? ^^

Different carpet

1.For travelers who need a yoga mat travel foldable, lightweight,  slip  and compact , this is the Superlite  !

2. For men oversized or only those who want more compared to standard carpet YogaJack is at that place for you!

3. For pro , carpet Byoga seasoned and green, ultra-resistant (delight, it’s still on sale!). Or the StillMotion .

4 For those who practice a lot at home, here is definitely a carpet of high quality and VERY resistant . But it weighs almost 4kg! The carpet Kharma Khare is environmentally friendly, made ​​from recycled tires and can be guaranteed LIFE.

5. A customizable carpet . Quality, ethics, ease? I do not know … It’s original. Maybe for a gift, but I personally don’t recommend it as first choice ^^

6. Finally, for those who wish to stand out, you can buy a  carpet Oval  ! (Seems a little egg!)

What Quality Yoga Mats Choose? Understanding why different materials …

A number of ranges of yoga mats available on the market: Pvc material, TPE, Natural Rubber, Organic Natural cotton … Buy your yoga mat with a specialist , it’s check its top quality and dimensions adapted to the practice of Yoga and professional advice!

But what to find among all most of these materials?

The use of Yoga mats extend beyond just yoga. Many in home workout programs require yoga mats in order to better insanity reviews suggest you purchase such a yoga mat.

The Yoga mat PVC certified

The Yoga mat PVC have one or less intense according to the ranges elusion more power. They are declined from 1.5 mm to 6 mm predominantly. You choose the cushioning you want. Even so, it should be noted that will beyond the 5 mm in PVC lines possibly you have an imbalance in your good posture if the PVC is non dense enough.

Certifications: SGS, OEKO TEX 100 … you get a non-toxic effect, which is very important to you.

Generally, practitioners opt for thicknesses from 4 mm to 4.5 mm (standard) in these supplies.

While ensuring a minimum length of 1.83 m to practice, below you would go out of your yoga mat!

Their advantage is their low price (from € 15.90 including tax)! They are a great compromise and take their own REPORT / QUALITY / PRICE promise !

The Yoga Mat TPE

What is the TPE? It’s thermoplastic elastomer to ensure the yoga mat will have the property to be more flexible with the ability to be easily recyclable.

This content yoga mats made of elastomer (non-harming and recyclable *) is taken in the design and style of sports equipment among people …

This material is suitable intended for gentle yoga or semi-demanding, avoid hot environments, it features a good anti-slip properties and is particularly ultra light.

The Yoga Mat Natural Rubber Latex or! The one Slip au Naturel!

The materials of these Yoga Mat is after harvesting of gum elastic, a renewable material, ecological, recyclable, biodegradable * …

The combination of comfort, Opposition and a Power Absorbing unmatched!

Your yoga mat natural rubber must have qualification such as SGS, OEKO TEX 100 … I VIN.

This material may be the respect for the environment and also endorse renewable energy .

Yoga mats made ​​of natural rubber suited to all yogas their damping and slip to no other delivers in addition to absorb sweat .

They will flatten and hang up the so therefore the yoga mat will not move during your practice and will guarantee a non-slip grip and electricity on your area of training! It is a “double” security in addition to help being very comfortable .

Note that material for yoga mat is recommended for intensive yoga exercises like Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power Pilates, Bikram Yoga …

Gatorback Carpet
Gatorback Carpet

How to Choose an Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

When yoga or Pilates is definitely practiced, the surface on which often he or she should stop just for the needs on the organization will need it. As a result, the surface must be whippy enough to absorb the human body, but firm enough to hold out the forces of yoga or perhaps Pilates practitioner will exert on there. It must also be powerful enough to be useful ultimately, and it must also become a price within the reach of everyone.

This is a good comes

Carpets traditional surface simply cushion the body; featuring a good place to sit, loosen up and unwind. However, these carpets are not made ​​to go to the body support during intensive times and physically demanding yoga. The actual instability and damage is incredibly real and very dangerous menace that a practitioner of yoga itself likewise exhibits with pigtails poor.

Yoga mat meet these needs specifically taking the following factors into consideration:

A carpet grip on the surface is essential if we try and practice yoga in all it is forms.

The forces on a yoga mat are not just falling in nature. This means that a carpet with low grip will probably slip and slide around very likely when pressure is placed inside the wrong direction. A mat designed for yoga supplies the stability that a person needs to do this stretches and postures security in addition to stability.

Part of the role of a yoga mat is to support the human body of practicing yoga as she or he undergoes the exercises.

More often than not, the floors are difficult and uncomfortable for them exterior. The problem here is these soils are not only not comfortable, but can the case of significant injury if a practitioner of yoga inexperienced sites too much pressure on a couple of points of the body. Amortisation of different body parts is then essential to spread the bodyweight, preventing injuries to bones in addition to joints of the body the practitioner goes about his enterprise.

course, a carpet must be durable enough to withstand constant wear along with tear it will inevitably end up being submitted.

All stretching and assistance it can be healthy to the body of a person, but not to the foot of this person. Some materials, weaves and patterns are more proofed against damage than those with fewer, and should definitely be thought to be when it comes to yoga exercises practices.

As with whatever in life, a good carpet should be in the price range of anyone who wants to practice yoga.

Whether you have a yoga mat or synthetic plastic base chats and natural fibers, it doesn’t have to cost an arm along with a leg.

How to choose a yoga mat Grande the Easy Way

Wish to find the mat yoga much better? Yoga mats come in many shapes as well as sizes. Discover how to come across your ideal mattress.

Do that suits you natural or artificial carpet?

Yoga mats are available in two materials: human and natural fibers.

There are many types of man-made material used in yoga mat. In general, and as you might expect, the higher the excellent and the thickness of your mat man fiber more pricey it is.

Natural fiber exercise mats can take many forms: jute, cork and cotton are typical. Some followers of Kundalini Yoga exercise prefer a sheepskin rug.

Advantages of synthetic fibers in the yoga mat

The cheapest kind man carpeting (plastic) are not a good choice. You will spend a lot of time to feel the carpet, and inhaling this fumes that escape from some plastic mats. The fumes can be harmful to your health, and some may even contain cancer-causing agents. So steer clear of such thin, cheap carpet.

However, human quality rugs are an excellent choice. A carpet made of quality man-made fiber has these advantages: it lasts you for years, you can clean it easily, and you are able to shop without the fiber deteriorates.

Some “sticky” man-fiber exercise mats are excellent for beginners to be able to yoga, because they ensure that you simply stay in one position without slipping and injury.

– Benefits associated with this on Enjoy To Workout

While yoga mat cotton and rubber last for years, natural fiber mats made ​​involving materials like jute or bob tend to deteriorate over time period . This may not worry, you are able to replace the carpet.

Here would be the advantages if natural fiber yoga mats: they are environmentally friendly, along with since no chemicals are unveiled from them, you can train your yoga with confidence. Yoga mat cotton are cheaper too, if price is a concern, your yoga mat cotton is a good value.

What yoga mat you choose? If you take a yoga class , ask your trainer what types of carpet, the lady recommends for you, or pay a visit to a store and sniff – avoid yoga mat that releases vapors.

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