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When I started yoga, I used the mat on loan from the studio where I was going. It was convenient, no need to transport it. The concern was not super hygienic hand, and the idea of ​​sticking my head on the mat thinking he had already served before is still pretty disgusting. When I started to do more of yoga, I was offered a mat and bag to match. I can leave my mat at the studio, so no problem of transportation. As a bonus, I also have a light that I keep to do yoga at home, or when I go to other studios carpet. Here are questions to ask before choosing your yoga mat.

Mahayogi Mat Bag


When I started yoga, I often tried the mat on loan through the studio where I was intending. It was convenient, no should transport it. The concern was not super hygienic hand, and the concept of ​​sticking my head on the mat thinking he had previously served before is still quite disgusting. When I started to complete more of yoga, I has been offered a mat and bag to match up. I can leave my pad at the studio, so no worries of transportation. As a bonus, I also have a light that I keep to accomplish yoga at home, or after i go to other studios carpet. Here are questions to consult before choosing your yoga mat.

Several criteria are taken into consideration:

thickness: the thicker it is, the more the carpet will likely be comfortable for your knees as well as while sitting on it … but it really can also become more slippery. A sliding mat, it’s super bothersome, and it happens quite rapidly when hands are sweaty (in essence, count 5 minutes of trading and presto, sweaty palms). If the carpeting is not thick, provide a cover to slip below the particular knee in certain postures, while anjaneyasana .
lightness and maneuverability: you are able to store your carpet yoga facility, it’s not really a problem, but when you need to carry home, at work, inside studio, out in the night time with if you do definitely not come back on at house, it can quickly be troublesome … If it becomes difficult to visit to yoga because you have to transport the carpet, it cancels the many benefits of yoga!
matter: the yoga trademarks have understood the yogini prefer to buy an organic carpet, recycled plastic, rather than a plastic thing. Some mats have got a non-slip rêvement, occasionally a little too rough.
Price: approximately carpets cost 100 dollars! yes, yoga is besides a business.
use:  If you occurs carpets once a month, take it in a light, easy to carry, not too expensive. If you plan to put it to use several times a week, pick a good product!

Brands of yoga mats

I conducted the survey between my friends yoginis. Here would be the result:

Lululemon . This is a favorite that came out with this study express market. Super at ease, does not slip (or following really sweating a lot), it is not holey, so stays cleaner longer. The problem is that it is heavy, a little more than 3 kg. From $ 88.
Jade . They are a bit rough to the touch but do not slip. Natural materials. From $ 70 (part of the price is donated to charity).
Manduka.  Much like Jade, the texture is a little rough, and it can be quite heavy to carry. . Again, organic materials  The price is very prohibitive a priori: from $ 100, but these rugs are certain for life. A safe bet.
Gaiam . Finally less costly prices! Around $ 22 and with beautiful patterns. In the event you start, and you do not necessarily do yoga often, it can be the right carpet for you!
Chin Mudra.  This is the buckle I for 3 years now. Thick, comfortable, normal materials. A bit too slippery against. It can be lighter than other carpets. € 15.
Nike and other sports brands. Often lighter, smaller and much less thick, they are easy to cart but wear faster and do not spread perfectly flat. I make use of a Nike carpet as carpet substitution. It comes with a strap … but not holding improving very long. € 60.

Bonus accessories

As my carpet is slippery enough, I propagate a ”  yoga towel  “slip over. In first, I spread a simple towel, it was simply a small square in front from the mat, now my big soft towel covers everything, and it’s better to clean than carpet.
I have got a yoga bag in which One put my carpet. It’s a little too hippy for my personal taste – with “om” written in Sanskrit. I find it ideal not to clutter is to have a bag where you can fix the carpet to the area, above or below, it’s a little camper, but at minimum we do not lug around with too many bags. There are rugs that fold! Even much better.

How to wash your carpet?

In yoga, we sweat. In the event that at the end of the course, we drive his push-down storage, it can quickly become a breeding ground for germs and also smells bad. In short, a little cleaning every once with a while, it will be good to your carpet, and that person the next time he can run on the carpet.

Following each course , a bit of a towel or cloth to clean the perspiration history.
in a washing machine! yes, it operates, but against, it may take some time to dry and the fizz really go.
with a homemade spray . My girlfriend Corina gave me her recipe ingredients: 1 dose of Hamamelis (Witch Hazel in English, it is the product that will disinfect), 2 parts water, and 5-10 drops of essential oil regarding tea tree ( antibacterial), eucalyptus, vanilla flavor, and patchouli (for flavor, in like manner vary depending on what you prefer). To put in a bottle tinted glass (so the oil does not become sour).

What if we practiced on to the ground?

When I was in Wanderlust festival there a few weeks ago, I failed to always have my carpet on hand, I took classes right on a lawn, and I must say it absolutely was pretty good. Sometimes it’s a shame to be limited in order to his short stack, at to the lowest degree, without him, we had a bit more like we can move in all directions.

Mahayogi Mat Bag
Mahayogi Mat Bag


Yoga mats: ground insulation for optimal comfort

Some practitioners choose not to use insulation, preferring direct contact with the soil in order to promote a sense of rootedness. However, the actual thermal insulation is often a good idea to ensure the right ailments for meditation and concentration of yoga practitioner, whether beginner or experienced. One simple reason is that the soil is naturally hard and cold in most places regarding practice (houses, yoga rooms).

The foam mat

Its affordable price more easily attracts beginners, yet some of adopting yoga in the extended. Only problem: the texture involving foam can give it a little slippery side. According to the flooring when you do, it may be interesting to go for a few dollars more for a special non-slip foam – the grip of your carpets you can avoid twisting your ankle or a wrong move. This point differentiates particular conventional fitness salt mine cheap .

In the case of energetic Yoga and Hot Yoga seeing that Ashtanga Yoga and Bikram Yoga exercise where you can quickly receive sweaty palms and slippery toes, make sure that the low-slip texture is good on sides of the mat . You may have a genuine slip mat for your own yoga practice !

Also pay focus on the dimensions and the width of your slip mat that can determine its comfort level.

In the end, a point that we tend to overlook another: the composition of the froth, especially for a regular practice! In a sport where you often find in postures with the nose nearby the ground, choosing a yoga mat foam free of pollutants is smart.

The rubber mat

Although to avoid if you are allergic in order to rubber or latex, or your nose is sensitive (ah the odoriferous smell of tire rubber! Your lover ended up leaving with occasion sensitive nose but he may perhaps prefer an alternative ) the yoga mat rubber is nevertheless endowed with qualities valued for the pattern of yoga . More expensive as compared to foam mats but also much more resistant over time, it contains the great advantage of providing a very good grip on the soil while absorbing shocks and has an effect on smooth body . Its texture ensures a very good holding postures plus your joints.

In all cases, it is recommended that you prefer a 100% natural rubber , and free of chemical or harmful substances.

The mat of cotton

A little more expensive than the foam pad entry level , the flat or yoga mat cotton absorbs sweat better . It is best suited for the types involving yoga to make us sweating like the Ashtanga yoga – a dynamic chaining yoga positions – or all the hot yoga and fitness inspired Bikram yoga and practised in a heated room (sometimes more compared to 40 ° C Celsius!). If your apply requires often jump from one particular pose to another, choose a yoga mat dual layer that will provide excellent cushioning and avoid microlesions joint capsules.

The yoga mat wool

Pleasantly warm and subdued, the yoga mat wool  is particularly suitable pertaining to gentle practice of yoga and relaxation . Its price is typically higher than the foam diggings but comfort will be greater. Furthermore, the wool has Nature thermoregulatory properties and prevents perspiring. It is also used by means of people sensitive to electromagnetic contamination (the electro ) to neutralize the actual negative or other nodes Hartman disturbing magnetic fields from your ground.

The futon

Topped using wool or cotton, it provides firm support while providing unheard of comfort. Comfortable and thick, it really is preferable for soft Yoga and those with bad backs, knees or feet . Its comfort is really that it is also employed for the practice of massage or shiatsu . Icing on the bar: it can also be applied as extra sleeping . Since it requires usually more than 150 € for a quality futon , be sure to make use of long-term that its handle is removable so you may wash it, especially if you want to use it also intended for oil massages. Larger than the froth pad or cotton mats , likewise make sure that your futon is equipped with a bag or tie straps that permit you to contain and transport easily.

For better hygiene and ease involving maintenance , place a non-slip yoga towel on the yoga mat  : it will pay off ones sweat and will be safer to wash your floor mats.

Another tip : some practitioners prefer to get two yoga mats , including a non-slip mat ground on both sides – as PREMIUM yoga mat or floor mat TREND Organic Lotus – which is their base sparring floor. They can superimpose the second when they need more mellowed for certain positions, such since yoga mat wool Lotus Natural .

Choosing the right yoga mat c e to remember

Like a soft yoga mat Yoga for sweet and street grip for Dynamic Yoga .
Undertake yoga mat slip on both sides regarding hot Yogas
Prefer a yoga mat made ​​of natural materials , or even free of toxic substances (as they are often the nose above!)
Choose a washable floor mats – or washable cover – if you practice in high doses.

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